Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Madness

Little late as always, but I wanted to post some pics of our spring vacation. We were looking forward to this so much as Christian hasn't had a full week off since Abby was a baby! We started off with a visit in Chilliwack to see my sister Heather and her family and my parents who had just come back from volunteer work in Texas. Our first day, Sunday, was amazing... sun, visiting, quad rides, campfires, reading. And then Christian started to get sick. My poor hubby could hardly get out of bed the next morning and this was pretty much the state he remained in for the rest of our trip! I was determined to keep on with the plan and packed us up on Tuesday to head to Kamloops to a cabin I'd booked on Pinantan Lake. I drove all the way and when we arrived around dinner, Christian crashed on the couch and I unpacked, made dinner which he couldn't eat, took the kids for a walk on the ice covered lake, and put the kids to bed. Not quite the way we'd pictured things! Needless to say we did have a lot of fun, thanks to lots of drugs for Christian, but I had to do most of the packing/unpacking, and care of the kids. We enjoyed the sun, which has been severely lacking on Salt Spring...
Got to try ice fishing...

Go for a go-kart ride... Brennan threw up on the way to go-karting and then was fine. He went on a high speed one with Christian and steered like a maniac and then threw up again as soon as we started to drive away in our car. The throwing up lasting til about midnight on Wednesday. This is when I seriously began to think about packing up and going home and beginning to feel a bit ticked that my family was so sick for our only holiday in over four years!
On Thursday, after Christian visited a walk-in clinic in Kamloops, we headed to Sunpeaks, and had a great time exploring the village and swimming and then drove back to Chilliwack. That's when Isaiah started to get sick.
We did get to visit some dear friends in Chilliwack/Abbotsford and then I got to attend a cancer fund raiser at Heather's church to hear Feather Janz speak and some great music. I was blown away by Lisa Adrianne's story and singing and I cried a lot, which I think was a great way to get over our vacation that did not turn out the way I'd planned... My sickness started on the ferry ride back to Salt Spring and I came home exhausted. After times like that, all I can usually say is "c'est la vie" and that I believe the verse that says that God works all things together for good... I'd like to say I always rest in that belief but then I'd be lying about the tantrums I throw :) Funny thing is, that we're already talking about the memories we made and all the kids remember was the fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen...we loved having all of you here, even though everyone was sick!!! We can hardly wait to get over to Salt Spring this summer--We miss you guys soooo much-smooches and hugs for everyone!! Love Heather

Rachel said...

I feel very priveledged to have you drag your sorry butts out to Abby to visit us. What rotten luck.
We sure were glad to see you though!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Glad to see you're doing well (sort of)! My old buddy Christian owes me a phone call sometime!!

-Aaron Rock