Saturday, September 22, 2007

Almost there...

So, here's a few pics of where we're at with the house :) I love having a functioning camera again. Outside we still have some finishing to do and a deck to build on the back and a whole lot of property clean up and landscaping to do. I can hardly wait unil the burn ban is off so we can start burning scraps etc. It will make a huge difference.

I stand outside many days and just try to remember the whole process we've been through to build this. I will never look at a house in the same way again. I've really taken it for granted all these years how much work goes into putting a house up. There's so many details that you have to focus in on. I really look at other people's houses with a much more detailed eye now. Yes, I am saying that I will pick apart your house when I visit!

Inside, Christian is tiling around one of the bathtubs and man is that ever time consuming! We still need to install hardwood in the hallway and main entrance, do the finishing like kickboards in the kitchen, all the window and baseboard trim, tile another bathtub surround, put up a few more doors, and finish the closets shelves. I'm looking forward to the closets being done, so I can put more things away. I've filled many boxes that are destined for Value Village. Living without a lot of our stuff for over a year has really made me realize how much stuff we didn't miss and don't need.

I'm also working on refinishing our table set. I'm finished the table, but not the chairs, so it doesn't match right now. We are REALLY looking forward to being done and moving into a different season of life... Maybe a season that might include a vacation! I really wanted to post a picture of our kitchen, but it's not quite done and my island was full of items to return to our church library that I found while unpacking. I'm surprised they still let us take books and videos out! We keep taking stuff and then packing it in a box somewhere as we moved from one place to another. It does feel good to know that we don't have to move for awhile. We did build this house to flip though within a year or two so I won't get too comfy!

I'll try and post pics more often now so we can show you more of what we've done. I can hardly wait to have some visitors come and stay, especially ones with decorating and organizing talents that can tell me where to put everything!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Finally Got a Camera!

The time has finally come for me to post some pictures! We finally bought a new camera and I'm so excited to better blog our life again... I thought I'd start by posting a few of my favs from my trip to Chilliwack to visit my sister Heather and her family. We had so much fun just hangin out (something I wish we could do more often). Here's the kids on the ferry on our way over to the mainland.

It's surprising my sister Heather and I look so well! Especially considering all the stress we've been through building houses. I have a full understanding now why Heather, after just finishing their new house, screamed, "DON'T DO IT!!!" over the phone to me when she found out we would be building one of our own!
That picture of the kids on the train is my favourite. Who knew a cheesy fake train at "Fun Land", could bring my nephew Sam so much joy!
And how could summer be complete without a round of ice cream with your cousins?
We are in our house now as many of you know. It's so good to be in here, although we still have a ton of finishing work to do which can seem overwhelming. The overwhelming part really depends on whether or not I'm ;) My next post will be some pics of where things are at. I can hardly wait to share them!
Thanks for the awesome visit Heather. I left Chilliwack and went straight to Naniamo to go out to coffee with my sister Dinah. I'm feeling very blessed to have sisters that I love being with and love laughing with and can always count on for support and encouragement.