Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our new family member!!

Meet our new puppy Biscuit! On Monday, Christian completely surprised me with an overnight trip to Victoria and a concert. He packed everything and had the kids all farmed out to different friends. We had such a blast having a couple of days on our own. At some point, Christian said, "wouldn't it be fun to bring a puppy home for the kids." We've been discussing getting a puppy for months now and the right timing of it etc. So Tuesday morning after breakfast we set out puppy hunting. By 12:30pm we'd found our pup. An eight week old Zuchon, which is a Bichon/Shitzu cross. We fell in love with him and within half an hour decided to bring him home. We were like a couple of giddy children all the way home on the drive and ferry ride. We could hardly wait to see what the kids would say and do...
We picked up Brennan first and when we told him it was his new puppy, he got a perma-grin. He held him in the car on the way to pick up Isaiah and Abby and at one point said, "I feel like I'm dreaming." Isaiah and Abby were completely thrilled and Isaiah always says, "He's just sooooo cute!", and Abby keeps telling me, "Mom that was the best surprise ever when you brought home our puppy." When we got home we started looking up dog names on the internet and within an hour all of us agreed on Biscuit. It was so cool because I had wanted to name him Poppy since we adopted him on Remembrance day but the kids didn't agree. After I put them all to bed, I opened up the Times Colonist newspaper to the Remembrance Day section to read a letter a man had wrote to his mother in World War I telling her that he's been injured by a musket ball hitting him in the chest, but it would have been much worse had it not been for the biscuit he was keeping in his chest pocket as a snack. So, I guess Biscuit does have a good Remembrance Day name!
So now I'm in the middle of the not getting much sleep as I deal with this puppy at night and spend lots of time researching how to have a well mannered, good sleeping, house broken puppy. It's a bit like having my first baby! If you have any good puppy advice, I could sure use it... Christian and I are so excited to have our first pet (other than goldfish) in fifteen years of marriage! Life is good :)