Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our 2nd Load

Yesterday was a great day! We received our second load from Nelson Homes, which had all our doors, windows, siding, drywall, insulation, closets, shelves, baseboards and trim kits. This time the truck driver made the attempt to bring his truck down our driveway and did it. This was good as it made for easier unloading. We also had tons of help. At one point there was nine guys working and they all had a warm chili lunch on my homemade table :) It went quick and nothing broke, and nobody got hurt... It's really exciting to see some of the stuff that will finish off our house. Thanks for all the help guys!!
This was part of our work crew, enjoying lunch.
No rain, which was awesome as our property has become a huge mud bog. Also, as you can see the roof is on, which means the house is staying dry, which makes us VERY happy!
Isaiah is doing super good with his back. The bandages are all off now and all that is left is his new pink skin. The pinkness will fade with more time and there shouldn't be much of a scar. He has been such a trooper throughout the past two weeks and hasn't even complained about all the uncomfortableness. He was thrilled to get the bandages off and be free and to have a real bath again :) Thanks for all you prayers and well wishes for him.