Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm A Lazy Blogger

It's been a while since I did this... I forget about blogging sometimes, although I have been reading lots of other's bloggity goodness. We're all doing well but we've just come through a bad run of colds and the flu. I have only felt well for the last two days, so I guess I was sick for almost all of February. Aaaaah, the month of love. I did get a chance to take the kids up to the top of Mt. Erskine late in January. They were such troopers and I told them they're all now officially mountain climbers. It hit me on the way down, that I may be partly insane bringing my children up there by myself in pretty cold weather. There are parts that are super steep and there's lots of rocks on the trail, so I'm very thankful that nobody sprained an ankle or fell off a cliff!!

This next pic is from a hike we did together on Sunday. That is Mt. Maxwell in the background and boy did we ever enjoy the sun. Haven't seen enough of that around here until the last week! I love hiking with my family and I'm so blessed that my kids are totally into it. Abby used to need to get carried a lot last year but she's definitely grown up!
Isaiah is great. He's doing excellent in school and is really into soccer, hockey, and basketball at the moment. It's actually hard to find something he's not good at which is kind of sickening! He is also very humble and just generally a joy to be with. He takes after his Daddy in so many ways :) Isaiah has also taken a keen interest in creation science and singing . I can't believe he'll be ten in April!!!
Brennan is my sweetie with a stubborn streak... He is really enjoying grade one (especially math) but tells me that whenever his teacher talks, he thinks "I hope she's going to say it's time for gym". Typical boy! Brenn's also really into soccer right now and also tried rock climbing this month and loved it. I've known since before he was two that he was going to be a rock climber. My favorite time with Brennan is usually just before bed when we do devotions. He has a compassionate heart for those who are hurting and wants to please God. I love hearing him pray.
Abby is busy with preschool and soccer too. She's a busy girl and fits in great with her brothers. She is more moody than the boys though and screams A LOT! It really hit me yesterday hard that my baby is growing up after I registered her for kindergarden... Time really seems to be flying fast. Abby is asking a lot of big questions about life right now and loves doing puzzles. I think she's really smart, but I am totally biased!
Christian has been....you guessed it...busy!! The poor guy hasn't had a break in more than a year and a half. Between work and this house and the occasional gig, he hardly gets to sit. I'm sure he's questioned many times why he ever came up with the idea to build a house. The good news is that he gets a week of paid time off in March! I can't even tell you how much this means to us. We'll be hanging out in the lower mainland for a few days visiting family and friends :) The house is so close to being finished. We should have our final soon... I'm good and really busy with preschool secretary stuff, teaching at the gym, and being a mom. God is definitely teaching me to be content. It's so easy (especially now with Facebook), to look at all the exotic places friends are traveling and start to feel envious... It's kind of weird having access to everyone's pictures so quickly. I wish someone would post a picture album of a regular week! My pictures would include wiping snot off my kid's noses, scrubbing toilets, arguing with Christian, and cooking dinner ;) It will be quite awhile before we travel anywhere exciting and I'm fine with that; I'm counting all my blessings and having a blast living on this beautiful island. I'm going to try and blog more often. It's almost like a sort of journal and it's fun to look back on.


Rachel said...

Will we see you when you come to the mainland?! I'm sure everyone wants a piece of the Stonehouses :)
Your kids are so beautiful...growing up way too fast though.

Markus said...

Good Job! :)