Monday, January 22, 2007

Crazy Ride

This building a house thing has been a crazy ride! I honestly would not have done it if I could have seen the future... Who would have known that it would take us this long, that we'd spent six months in a trailer, go through record breaking weather for rain, wind, and snow, and move around several times into other people's homes! I have been very tired lately. All that being said, we sure are having fun as a family! This will definitely be an adventure that we'll sit around remembering and telling stories about for many years :)
On a sad note, Isaiah got burned very badly on Saturday. We were at Chris and Bill's (Christian's Mom and Step-Dad) cabin taking care of Josh and their foster baby Cassondra for a few days. They had just arrived home and Christian decided to make us all tea. Isaiah and Josh were playing a hockey like game on the floor and somehow Isaiah ended up playing underneath the stove. Christian was pouring the boiling water from the kettle into a tea pot he'd set on the stove (which had a wonky element), and then turned to listen to Isaiah saying something and accidentally knocked the tea pot off the stove. The water landed on Isaiah's back. I didn't see it happen but I did then see Isaiah jumping up and down in the air, screaming, and holding his back. We got his shirt off and him in the shower with cold water on and quickly saw that the burn looked bad. I rushed him to emergency and they told us he has second degree burns. He is all bandaged up and has to have a home support nurse change his dressing every day for the next two weeks. He is doing fine but I'm still giving him medication for the pain. The doctor told him today that he should not play sports for the next six weeks. That was devastating to Isaiah as he plays soccer and hockey everyday at school, loves P.E., and is playing soccer on a team every weekend. My poor sweetie!
The house is getting along. Bill is finishing the last gable today that sits over the front door and on Wednesday the roofers start. YEAH!! We should be seeing some nice progress soon :)