Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy New Year (and belated Christmas)

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas... I had full intentions of getting these pics on the blog by Christmas day, but such is my life.
We had a great Christmas. We're currently house sitting for our neighbour and enjoying her huge house immensely!! We had Christmas morning/afternoon on our own as a family which was awesome and then headed over to Chris and Bill's cabin they're renting for Christmas dinner. It was really nice to be in a house for Christmas even if it's not our own. We've even had overnight guests! My Mom and Dad and Nana spent the night on the 22nd and
Christian's Dad and Step-Mom spent the night last night. The kids have all been sick with horrible coughs. You can probably tell that Brennan is sick in the Christmas pictures. Abby is the sickest today and kept me up for almost an hour last night with a high fever and talking strange talk about her hair and characters from "Dora". I'm pretty sure she was halucinating.
All being said, I've really been dreading tomorrow as it means cleaning the whole house before we leave on
Friday to go to Campbell River for a few days. All this moving around has been exhausting for me and it is stressful staying in other people houses. I worry about wrecking things. As of Tuesday, we will be in a 550 sq. ft. house until the end of February. Small, but still bigger than the trailer and it has a real toilet, bathtub, washer, and dryer!! We sure are thankful to not be going back into the trailer. When I bring the kids in there now so I can check phone messages and check email etc., I want to strangle them after about fifteen minutes. God definitely gave me a special frame of mind to live in there for six months! I keep hoping Ty from extreme home makeover will appear at my door and say, "Stonehouse Family we're here to finish your house. Come back in three days and it will be done!" I can dream, can't I??
We wish you all a healthful, peaceful, and adventurous year for 2007. If you get a chance, drop us a line.
Love Us