Sunday, December 02, 2007

This year I love snow!

We had so much fun in the snow today! When we moved here three years ago, everyone told us that snow was rare here, but each year we've been treated to a winter wonderland. Of course, here on Salt Spring it pretty much means you're snowed in and your power goes off and on and off and on again... This year, Abby loved it too. Last year she was scared of the snow and wouldn't even walk on it!
As I was looking out the window today watching the kids sled and build snowmen, I was feeling very blessed. There is something very special about watching your children have fun in snow. I began just thanking God for them and for this year He's brought us through. Last year at this exact time was when we abandoned the trailer for a cottage after our water had been frozen for over for two days and we could hardly keep the trailer warm anymore. That began a wild ride of moving around to different places that I've tried to block from my memories! Things are still taking longer than we'd ever hoped, but we're in our house now and it's warm and dry and getting lovelier by the day :) Here's a couple pics of our kitchen so far. It still needs it's tile backsplash, window trim, and finishing touches on the cupboards, but it's almost done!!! I even have a walk in pantry behind that little door!
I'm going to go and make some tea, enjoy the quiet, and hope we don't lose power again. Hope you're all enjoying the snow while it lasts...

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Rachel said...

Jenn, your kitchen is wonderful! I'm SO relieved you are in better quarters this winter.
I'm pretty sure you must be the most appreciative home owner ever!