Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random Bits

Happy November ya'll! As always, it takes me awhile to post anything, but I thought I'd try and give a quick run down of what we've been up to... It's been busy around here as usual and I never seem to be caught up with all the things I want/need to do. I'm really starting to enjoy our house and I think that's cause I'm starting to be able to put things away. Wooohoooo!!! In the past week, Christian has finished all of the shelving for our closets, except one, so I'm having a grand old time organizing. Also, we finished tiling both our tubs, so we've been able to shower for about a week. A bath just does not do it for me for waking up in the morning and we hadn't had a shower since the beginning of June! That is a LONG time.
Anyways, Christian is bustin his butt trying to be completely done by Christmas. So, he is tired and sometimes grumpy. (Don't tell him I told you!)
Our dear, dear, friends Brad and Elisa Boschman are coming tomorrow from Calgary, so they will be our first company in our new house. Actually, no, my Mom and Dad were, so I guess they're second.
Here's my cuties dressed up for Halloween. I always wanted to be the mother of a princess, jedi, and goalie!
I got to dress up too :) I had to teach my cardio kickbox class on Halloween morning, so I thought I'd play it up a bit. My wig is falling off in this pic, but other than that, I looked hot. And let me tell you, it is not easy doing a cardio class in a wig, heavy make-up, and a long dress! After class, I decided to stay dressed up and party hop to all the kid school parties. I think Brennan was a tad bit embarrassed by me. He whispered to me at one point, "Mom are you sure you don't want to go get changed and get back to yourself yet?"
This is Christian having the first shower ever in our new house! He was one happy man. It sure feels good to finally use it after over a month of tiling. Yech!
This is our ensuite bathroom. Not quite finished yet as we've got to put the baseboards and trim up.

So, that's a bit of what we've been doin. Things will be crazy around here til Christmas... Youth conferences, choir practices for the kids, soccer games (LOTS of soccer games), working on the house til the wee hours, Christmas concerts and all the business of decorating, shopping, and entertaining. I'm hoping to get more sleep in 2008!!


Rachel said...

Oh there you are Jenn! Thrilled to see a new post. Even more thrilled you got to have a shower at last :)
Love the shot of Christian...thanks for keepin' it G-rated :)
I see Brennan is a Star Wars dude. Are your boys into it as bad as ours?
You were a hot Halloween mama...super cool!
Can't wait to visit...maybe 2008?

Jenn said...

I'd say Brennan is more into Star Wars than Isaiah. He loves the books right now and begs for the lego set. They both have seen the movies and love them.
A visit in 2008...DEFINITELY!!

Carolyn said...

Isaiah is wearing a Canuks jersey.....where is the Toronto Maple Leaf jersey? ha ha!