Sunday, May 06, 2007

May already!

I don't know where time has gone and I can't believe we're into May already! I haven't posted for ages for two reasons... One, I signed in with my wrong email address when I changed over to the new Blogger and it took me this long to fix it, and secondly I can't post pics right now! We're all doing good but we're extremely busy. Christian has had a ton of extra studio work, and he is also working at the house any evenings and days he's not at the studio. So, I'm a bit of a single mother right now it seems. I know this season of our life will come to an end soon enough though so that makes it easier for me to handle. The dry wallers start on Wednesday or Thursday, so that will be really exciting! I feel that I've been looking at the framing of our house WAY to long!! Christian has been busy insulating which is a nasty job and takes longer than you would think (or maybe just longer than I would think)! The phrase Christian and I are saying too much is "when we get in the house, then we'll..." Christian jokingly says that everything will be perfect in the new house. We'll be totally organized, and get our budget together, and have more quality time as a family, and have perfectly behaved children. Teehee!
Abby turns four on Wednesday and I can't believe that either. It's been really hitting me that we are out of the baby days for good. We can actually all go out to eat at a restaurant and leave with our sanity in tact! The kids just sit in their seats and colour and converse with us! Maybe we should have just one more baby ;) I held a newborn all the way through our church service this morning and it felt so good to give her back to the mother at the end and not have to change her poopy diaper.
I'm going to try and post some pictures soon, but I really need my hubby's help because our own computer isn't hooked up to internet right now. That's really going to be hard as he's not home much! Oh well you'll all be surprised when one day you visit my blog and see how much our kids have grown, and how much the house has come along!

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Rachel said...

Oh yeah....there you are Jenn! So glad you got back onto blogger. Sorry I couldn't help you out with that.
You have the patience of a saint and I don't know how you've coped this past year waiting for a home to call your own.
I look forward to seeing some photos of all the progress and all the growing your kids have been doing too!