Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bloggy Break

Hey! We're still around. I've been taking a blog break as I've had limited access to the net and to a computer. Christian's going to get me all set up though so I can post some pictures again. We've been in Randy B's guest house now for just over two weeks and I can tell you life is good in a house! The best word to describe how I feel with more space is HAPPY!! We've been in 500 sq. ft. or less since May of '06 and I've decided that I really like space. My kids seem happier and more settled and I have the urge to strangle them less often. HAH!
I've got pics to post in the next day or so, but you can take my word for it that our house has siding and it's a sage green colour. I think it's going to look really nice. Things still feel like they're going slow to me and maybe it will just feel like that until we move in. I planted bulbs on our property in the fall and they're starting to look like real flowers, so that is exciting... It's weird for me making choices for the house, because of course I want it to look like I have some creative decorating abilities and that I've learned something from watching all those hours of shows on "Home and Garden TV", but I honestly have little idea what I'm doing. And then I get to thinking about all the things that I really want in our house and I start to care less and less about paint colours, and flooring, and faucets. I want it to be a place of rest for my family and a place of fun. I want friends and family to feel refreshed after leaving it and long to come back to it. I want laughter, songs, prayers, lessons, hugs, dances, stories and so many more things that I could never buy at Home Depot.
My sister Heather was here for part of spring break which was really fun.
If you follow the link to my Mom and Dad's site from mine, you can see a picture of my parents with all the grandchildren together! We've been busy sisters!!
Well that's all for now.... Jenn


Rachel said...

Hey Jenn! So glad to have an update. I'm happy you are able to stretch out a bit in a bigger space. I'm sure it's boost to your mental sanity :)
My bulbs are coming up too. Isn't nice to enjoy an early spring treat?
I know what you are saying about the house. When it all boils down to it...faucets and flooring can't compete with love, laughter and joy-filled home.
Can't wait to visit!

aaronrock said...

Hi Christian and Jenn!

Long time no talk. I hope you're both doing well! I have added a link from my blog to yours so Southwooders can find you better.