Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Air Conditioning Would Be Nice

I'm really hot right now and I can't sleep, so I thought, what a better time than this to update our blog... It's been awhile as usual.
Just over a week ago, we moved out of the guest house at Randy B's and started housesitting for one of our friends. Originally when they asked us to do this, we thought our house would be done and it would be a great place to relax and spend time as a family. Ha, ha. Well the house is not quite done so it hasn't exactly been relaxing here. Christian continues to work all day and all evening between the studio and the house and he's been doing that for about two months straight! I was so tired last week from moving and feeling stressed, that I had a rough start to the week. I think I've just had enough of building stress and moving... But even though we're super busy, we are getting some time to enjoy this ocean front home and the hot tub that looks over Tent and Kuper Island and the breath taking sunsets. The house comes with a boat, so on Sunday we skipped church and instead spent time as a family boating around the gulf islands, picnicing on Valdes island, and ocean swimming off Tent island. The kids had so much fun (well, we all did!) and the boys were so excited to get a chance to drive the boat.
We are working on installing the hard wood on our main level and will continue putting up kitchen cabinets once IKEA couriers us a new corner cabinet to replace the one that was a dud. The house is painted and the bathroom floors are in and all the lights are installed. I'm getting really excited to move in! I wish I had a way to post pics right now, but the camera is broken and I think we're going to have to buy a new one. The house looks nice, you'll just have to trust me.
Our plan is to move onto the property and "camp out" in a tent and the garage for a couple of weeks until we have a temporary occupancy permit. We'll have a toilet and a sink and a washer, dryer and fridge.
Whew! What a year! I don't EVER want to do this again!!!!
The kids are all doing great. They're enjoying summer so far with trips to the beach outside our door, lots of lake swimming, water fights, hot tubbing, boating, and going to the Vacation Bible Camp that is running at church this week. They love having a dog and cat to take care of at this house and I think we might have to seriously consider getting a pet soon :)
You can pray for Christian as he's exhausted but has a drive and work ethic that amazes me daily. I have an awesome husband!
I can hardly wait to connect better with so many of our friends. I feel like this journey we embarked on to build has been all encompassing and has left me with little energy to keep up with many of you.
I'd better try and get to sleep now. I have to teach a class at the gym in the morning!


Rachel said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again. You are a brave woman to endure what you've been thru in the past year. And you're ALMOST done! And your still sane...if only barely.
We cannot wait to come and see you in your new castle!
Miss you guys!

Doug & Norma said...

Hi Jenn, We're glad to get a written update even though we talk on the phone. We're praying for you as we travel. Sure wish we could be there to help. he.. he..