Friday, November 10, 2006

We Have a View!

Pleased to say that our second floor is up and ready to have a roof. I don't have pics of the day the walls went up for that floor but I wish I did! We used an excavator to lift the walls up to the guys and the exterior and interior walls were up in one day. It was not the best weather, but we did get some sunny breaks :) Thanks to my brother-in-law Russ, and Christian's brother-in-law Peter for the help. We are feeling so blessed by all the people who have devoted time to helping us. Peter used his holiday time to be here for four days! The house is getting high and Abby's bedroom is going to have a nice view of Mt. Erskine. The rest of the house has views of trees :)
Also, I'm including a pic of our temporary home under the maple tree. We stayed in Randy Bachman's guest house last week for five nights which was a welcome break from the trailer. The only things that sucked was that Brennan had a one day flu, I had a major three day gallbladder attack and the hot water tank stopped making hot water on our second day there. I had to boil water to do dishes and clean the house for leaving! Our life never seems to be boring!
Now we're back in the trailer and I must admit the first couple of days back in here were hard to take. It's shocking how little room we have and how much stuff we try to shuffle around and fit in here. I hardly slept last night as we had a major wind storm and the trailer kept shaking. I lay there hoping a big branch from the maple tree was not going to come and crash onto us.
One of our neighbours has asked us to house sit for her from December 15th-30th, so were excited to have a house and kitchen (and hot tub!) for Christmas. God is good!
Sorry if you've been trying to get ahold of us. Our phone has been down since Monday and Christian is trying to get it up and running again. Oddly enough, our internet is still working. Good thing, or I'd feel completely cut off! I've also been horrible at returning phone calls. I get so exhausted be evening and don't feel like being chatty on the phone. I'll get to you eventually!
We'll really feel better around here once the roof is on the house. Hate to see all that water getting in there right now...

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Rachel said...

Oh Jenn! You are like the pioneer women of old. You are truly brave! I am so so pleased to know that you will be in a HOUSE for Christmas even it won't be your own. What a relief. I have been thinking about you lots....can't imagine how you are coping in the trailer. Any other woman would have had a mental breakdown by now I think. Hang in there. Chad keeps asking when we can visit!!!