Monday, November 27, 2006

Some Of Us Like Snow

Here's some pics of how we're enjoying the snow, well some of us are... The boys are having a blast as you can see and Abby won't go near it! She just wants to stay wrapped up and cozy in the trailer. She says she's scared of it and the bumps that the boys are going over in their sleds. What a girl!
The trailer is a bit chilly in this weather but we're going to tough it out. The cold is supposed to break by Friday. Thanks to all of you that are phoning to check in with us. We're doing fine and don't worry if it gets too cold, or if we loose power we'll book into a cabin or something. If anyone would have told me that we'd be living in this trailer in the snow and winter six months ago I never would have believed it!
Christian stayed home from work today to work on the house as we can't really get our vehicles out of here anyway.
Hope you're all enjoying the early snow and drinking lots of hot cocoa :)


Rachel said...

When does your house-sitting stint start?!?!?!? Oh are SO brave.

Jenn said...

It starts on December 14th, but we got really good news today and yesterday :) I'm going to post about it.

Kori said...

Your house is coming along nicely!! Snow and all :)