Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break Fun!

I've been meaning to make a post out of these pictures, but I was having trouble with iphoto, so finally now it's been fixed... Two weekends ago, the kids and I were able to make a trip up to Mt. Washington with two of my best friends and their kids. My friend Sonja has a log chalet up there and this is our second time going up with all the kids for winter fun. They had so much fun with their friends and I had lots of fun with mine :) The hot tub/snow sitting was definitely a favourite for the kids!

Isaiah and Brennan both tried snow boarding on some small hills. I actually think they'll catch on fast if they have some lessons. I'm stumped whether to get them learning snow boarding or skiing first... Any advice?
The triple bunk beds were also a huge hit. Abby actually fell out of the middle one on the first night and hit the headboard of my bed down below. She still has a large bruise on her leg and I'm so thankful that her head didn't hit anything. I felt so bad for not blocking off the edge! She only cried a bit and said the bruise didn't hurt. She's a tough cookie, that Abby; she has to keep up with all the boys!
The boys also tried skiing on their friend's skis. We didn't venture up any of the lifts this time. All of us got to go tubing though and that was a blast! For our last two runs, I hooked up with all the kids and we went down as a huge group of eight!
This is the view from the chalet. I think it's the best view of any one on Mt. Washington.
One of my favourite parts was riding up the rope tow on the tube as I got to be by myself and just praise God for his awesome mountain creations that were all around me. We came home filled up but pretty tired.


Rachel said...

That looks like a whole lotta fun!

Russ, Dinah, Eli, Hayden and Joey said...

You may be tired a lot but you can't say your life is boring. You always manage to live life to the fullest and your kids must enjoy the ride=) Can't wait to see you!

whittakerwoman said...