Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still tired...

This is a picture of Christian doing sound for Randy B. at the Commodore in Vancouver last weekend. Part of why I'm realizing that I'm still tired! We've had a busy month and I need to learn how to go to bed earlier... Christian was away last week on the road with Randy Bachman's new band and I was at home taking care of business :) I got to join him for the last concert in Vancouver and we got to go out for dinner together and stay at the Four Seasons hotel. We didn't get much sleep though... I walked to the hotel at 1am after the concert and Christian had to stay and load gear and merchandise and didn't get in til 3:30am. We were up by 7:30am to head to a day long parenting conference called "Raising Truly Great Kids", by Dr. Tim Kimmel. It was excellent and fun to have a whole day without the kids, but we were very TIRED.

We headed for home the next day and thanks to a fire on an earlier ferry, didn't get home until 10pm. The next morning, Abby and I were up early to catch the ferry to Victoria so she could have dental surgery. Her poor little baby teeth were a mess. I really didn't like having her taken away to the operating room. I couldn't even eat anything until I knew she was o.k. Seeing her in recovery later hooked up to tubes, made me think about her birth and how much God has blessed us with our sweet, vibrant, healthy girl. We arrived back on Salt Spring after dinner and I started preparing for Brennan's birthday which was the next day.
We started out with a pancake breakfast and Brennan opened his guitar, which he is thrilled with. He's been jamming out a lot in his bed room and having some special time with Christian learning his first guitar lessons. We had a wild, loud birthday party that night with eight boys and one girl in the house and a night time treasure hunt!
This week, I've had a sore throat and cough, and the stomach flu and I realized today that I've run myself ragged. Looking at my pictures, I started to figure out why... Some things are worth being tired for though and it's just been one of those months. I think I'm rambling on this post, so I'd better stop now and hit the hay!


Rachel said...

I'm glad little Miss Abby made it through her surgery okay.
Brennan's got one cool guitar there! And the rock star hair to go along with it :)
Take care of yourself Jenn!

Holly said...

Looks like he's having great fun with his guitar!
I love the photo with the coffees! Did you take that of yourselves? I think if I tried to do that I'd end up spilling my drink on myself, which would make for a GREAT photo! :P

Jenn said...

Yah, I took that pic myself. I think we look ridiculous, but it was fun :)

whittakerwoman said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the comment today! I appreciated it! H