Friday, December 05, 2008


We've had a couple of milestones this week... I wanted to tell about Brennan's first but I don't know how to make his the first picture on here. I think I need some blog assistance. Well, first for Biscuit. He is officially sleeping through the night!!! I am really thankful for that because I don't do well with interrupted sleep and I'm too busy to take naps these days, so I was driving around way too tired. Also, he's already gained 3 and a half pounds. What a big puppy ;) He still needs to figure out that outside is the ONLY place he's allowed to do his business.

Brennan joined karate in September and yesterday he earned his first stripe. He's well on his way to becoming a "karate master". He is my only child interested in this and it's neat to see him learning so much in only six weeks. He also has to really listen and concentrate which is good practice for my lively, rambunctious, easily distracted boy :)
Crongratulations Brennan. All my children got report cards yesterday as well and they're all doing very good. Good enough to get a trip off this island and have a swim at Duncan's brand spankin new pool this weekend. Yipee, I get to wear a bathing suit! Help me Jenny Craig!!


Rachel said... ME Jenny Craig!!!!!

Heather said...

Ahhhhh biscuit is just like a little cotton boys just saw his picture and want to know if he bites....I said no...they also want one too...of course!! We are so excited about coming over for Christmas it is going to be very very fun!!! Brennan looks so good in his karate uniform, Samuel wants to do it too...but I told him next year...Brennan can teach him some moves at Christmas!! Love ya Smooches

Russ, Dinah, Eli, Hayden and Joey said...

Yah for Brennan and Biscuit! Way to go and have fun swimming- remember that there are very few women who like what they look in a bathing suit - in fact I have a name for those few women... I won't share though=) We are all excited for Christmas too- we can't wait to invade your home!!
p.s good job to the Stonehouse kids on you report cards!
Who knew we'd all breed such smart kids!