Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer fun

We've had a great summer so far... Lots of sun, beaches, company, and a bit of work around the house. We were so fortunate to get to go to Mt. Washington a couple of times as my good friend let us go up to their chalet for free while they were away on holiday. The kids had so much fun disc golfing, and going on the bungee trampoline. The chalet is huge and peaceful and a nice break from everyday life on Salt Spring. The second time we went in late July we were hoping to take the chair lift to the top and hike, but we got socked in by cloud and some rain. So instead we went down the mountain into Courtney/Comox for a lovely walk and trip to a petting zoo. Abby and Brennan loved the rats. Yikes!! We also hit a really fun mini-golf in Parksville. The kids loved that!We've been able to see more of Mom and Dad as they're stationed in Naniamo for the summer. They bought a bigger 5th wheel to live in that much better accomodates Mom's needs. I'm so proud of them for choosing to live in their trailer so they can volunteer all over Canada and the U.S. with Sowers.
We were also blessed with visits from Heather, Richard, Charlie, Sam and Violet. We had so much fun hanging out and showing them around Salt Spring a bit more. Our kids have so much fun with their cousins and I'm so happy that we all live close enough to see each other a least a few times every year.
My sister took a family picture of us. I think it's been a very long time since we had a pic taken of us all together, so thanks Heather!
Isaiah bought himself a new mountain bike. He's worked very hard since his birthday saving money and had enough to buy himself a great bike and a lock. He had lots of fun trying it out at the mountain.

So, how's your summer been?


Leah said...

Well this summer we didn't get to go away camping because Eric had knee surgery at the end of March and had to take two months off work for that. So I ended up taking 4 classes towards my degree over the summer which is enabling me to graduate by July 2009. That's exciting because I thought I would be at least 40 by the time I graduated. Les and Kurt went to Upper Peninsula Bible Camp in the UP Michigan near Marquette. Les went for 2 weeks co-ed and Kurt went to boys camp for a week. Les especially came home changed. I hope we can go to family camp up there next summer and bring my mom. We had to take out our pool because the rust from it was eating the liner. We do not miss it and it hasn't been that hot here anyways. Hmmm, what else...we got another puppy from the humane society. You can see him in my facebook pictures. Oh, I have been working on an actual real book, which is being published at the end of the summer. It is for the 100th anniversary of the Windsor Construction association. That's a pretty cool thing, though I know it's not too interesting for anyone not associated with the association. But I've been working on that for over a year now. Not much else enthralling going on right now, but I am envious of your scenery! I think I am really missing camping. It has been two years!!!!

Rachel said...

Hey Jenn...great to see an update.
The family looks wonderful.
I'm glad you've been able to get out and about this summer! Looks like many good memories have been made.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures Jenn! Hopefully we'll see you sometime soon!

Jacinda said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks for visiting my blog! We have had one crazy summer. The best was our fam vacation to Newport - beach and Disneyland. and my little sister got married. - I read on your profile that you are an instructor. What kind of classes do you teach? I LOVE going to gym classes and would love to teach them someday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, every time I read your blog I get so jealous of where you are at. I miss me some mountains. I love it. H