Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm Becoming a Gardener!

We've been working lots on the outside of our house while the suns shines and I must say it is very hard work, but I'm really enjoying it! I loved researching which plants were deer proof, low maintenance and pretty and planting them. Moving all the rocks that were all found on our property was a lot harder but still fun.
We've got a ton of work left to do... We're going to put a gravel path to the front door, and gravel down the driveway. We've got grass to plant in the back, junk to take to the dump, and outside trim work to finish. I'm thinking of painting my front door black... What do you think?
We've also got a raised bed at the elementary school that is completely deer fenced and I've planted lettuce, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, snap peas, onions, and radishes. I'm really enjoying that too. I was so shocked at how tiny some of the seeds were when I planted. It's amazing that veggies can grow from those! So, what are you all up to outside this summer??


Rachel said...

Good for you Jenn!
I've found that my favorite store these days is the nursery right by the kids school. It's so fun to browse and BUY as well :)

Dinah said...

Looks great Jenn!

Anonymous said...

Looks so great! Awesome work - hopefully we'll get to see it in person sometime soon-ish (and by soonish I mean maybe next year?)