Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Baby's Not a Baby!

Today is Abby's last day of preschool. It just hit me this morning that I'm officially out of the toddler/preschool days and that all my kids will be in elementary school. I don't know where the time went!! Part of me is relieved as being the secretary for the co-op preschool has been more work than I ever knew. But I'm sad that there'll be no more duty days in the classroom, preschool teddy bear sleep overs, spring carnivals to set up and tear down, and hearing the funny things one of the boys in her class always says... The preschool has been so important for our family in connecting with other families on Salt Spring. It has really made us feel that we're part of this community and helped me make some wonderful friends. Goodbye preschool...we'll miss you.


Rachel said...

You are on a posting streak! Good going.
You are ending this phase and I am just starting over again.
I am going to cry now.

Carlos said...

Send me your addy so I can get you your coffee.

Leah said...

Hey I just am scrolling thru whilst I eat my cereal at 7 a.m. and if you think the jump from preschool to elementary school is a big deal, wait till you have them goin off to highschool. Les is starting in September. I'd better hurry up and finish university so we won't be there at the same time :-) Kurt only has two years left of elementary school. He will be in grade 7 this year. I can't believe how big Abby is now. She was just a baby when you moved away. My brother is moving to Wataskawin Alberta with his wife tomorrow. Looks like there's great scenery out west, like 24/7 camping!