Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Just thought I'd post some pictures of the past week or so... We've moved the trailer to the other side of the property to be out of the way and basically now, we're living in a dirt hole! I CAN NOT keep my kids clean anymore! If I want Abby to look nice, I get her ready and carry her to her car seat and strap her in til it's time to go :) Every night I spray them all down before bed so they don't get dirt in their sheets... I'm really just trying to keep a good sense of humour through all of this. We're still having lots of fun though as a family so we're doing good. Unless I've lost all sense of sanity now and I'm not completely aware of reality! The day we moved the trailer, Bill backed it up too far at one point and the trailer hit a bump of dirt and ripped the septic tank off the bottom.
Let's just say it was a horrid sight and smell (I won't go into details). That morning I said to Christian, "is this our real life or some kind of nightmare we're living in?" Go ahead you can laugh... I figure that one day we'll have a lot of good laughs over this stage of our life, so we may as well start now! HAH!

The footings for our foundation are all ready to go and have been inspected and the load of supplies to get our house to lock-up arrived on Friday. Christian rented a bob cat with a fork lift (thank God, cause I don't know how they would have done it without), and we had seven guys here for over six hours working hard to get everything off the truck. We ended the day with a big barbeque which was nice but exhausting. Christian said he can't remember the last time in his life when he was sore in every muscle of his body.

My parents have moved to Salt Spring as of today (no not onto our property!), and will be here for at least a month to help out. That will be a huge blessing to us. The kids are all starting school. Isaiah in grade 3, Brennan in kindergarden, and Abby in preschool two mornings a week. I think it will help a lot to have them busy and out of the way of the goings on here.

I've noticed none of you are phoning us wanting to come for a visit lately. What gives?? ;)


Rachel said...

LOL! Jenn...you are living a very dirty adventure. I could not cope but YOU can and I'm certain it will all be worth it in the end.

Kori said...

How excited to see your house... so it's in pieces... it's that much closer to a home :)

Jenn said...

Thanks girls... You're very encouraging :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Nice to see that things are moving along. Don't worry Jen it will all come together and I know you guys can make this new home happen cuz it's not what is in a home but who that counts. If we can help out let us know. Uncle Gord Aunty Jan