Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things are moving along!

O.K. You'll just have to trust me on this one cause I don't have the pics to prove it, but things are starting to happen around here!! I need to find the recharger for our camera and as such can not take any pictures...
This last weekend, our excavator arrived and pulled our the tree stumps, roughed in our new driveway, tore down the cottage, and dug the hole for our foundation. It was VERY exciting to say the least and the kids throughly enjoyed watching the huge back hoe do it's work. Those machines are amazing to watch up close!
We also met with the bank today and everything looks great to finance our construction loan. It feels really good to have things moving along with the dream of building this house. I still can't imagine the house being here, but it's getting closer in my mind.
I took the kids to family camp at Camp Qwanoes July 30th to Aug 5th and that was a blast. I'd highly recommend this camp to everyone. The staff had such a servant attitude and the kids were thrilled with all the activities. I have to a say though that I will never do that again without Christian. The only reason that I went was because Christian's Mom paid for us and she also came herself with Josh and another grandchild. It was exhausting for me! I had tons of fun, but I definitely need a husband next time to help with the kids! I had to trek to our cabin to change Abby's clothes due to pee accidents a few too many times and the trip up from the waterfront is not funny with grumpy kids in tow... Isaiah counted that there were ninety six stairs to climb up from the waterfront! Christian did join us though for the last day, and that was my favorite day. What can I say? I love that man!
Our spirits are up around here and our first load from Nelson Homes arrives on September 1st. That load will have everything we need to get our house to lock up.
I'd better get to bed now as it's late, but I just wanted to give a little update.

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Rachel said...

Yahoo for progress! Wow Jenn...you are superwoman enduring all the change and drama this summer. And it's not quite over yet :)