Thursday, June 15, 2006

Trees a fallin

I'm wondering where the past week and a half has gone! It's been very busy around the property... Many trees have come down, more salal cleared, many branches wood chipped or burned, the shack torn down and a new shed almost built. We're finding that we really find it rewarding though working on our own property. We ordered the house from Nelson Homes today and the first load will be delivered in about eight weeks. We were hoping for more like six weeks, but that's o.k. this will all happen in God's timing. I'm sure I'll be one of those people who build and say "I hope we're in the house by Christmas!" Our little boy monkeys caused some havic last weekend when they decided the windows we salvaged from the old shack would be fun to break with a sledge hammer. That was not fun to clean up... They were all disciplined by having to wash the vehicles spic and span on Sunday afternoon. I find interesting things usually happen when you get a group of three or more boys together with creative heads!

This first pic was Brennan's last climb on this tree before it came down.

I can't believe how much more light we're getting now with the one grove of trees gone. I think our neighbour almost had a heart attack when the tree falling truck pulled up. I told her the trees were going but I don't think she thought about how fast it would happen. I don't like being a "tree killer", but those ones had to go to make room for the house. We've actually been so blessed by our neighbours. On the one side, our neighbour has a little bobcat and took all the logs off our land over to his to use as firewood. He's also going to help transplant some trees for us. On the other side, our neighbour has offered to store the rest of our furniture when we move into the motor home. I love friendly neighbours :)



Rachel said...

You folks are 'working the land'! Must make for some sleepy heads by the end of the day.
What a great adventure!

Jenn said...

Yep, we're very tired by the end of every day and sometimes grumpy too ;)